Zipper Tutorial - Paper Sewing
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Zippers can take a few attempts before you grasp all the details. Practice uses up valuable fabric, and requires lots of stitches to be removed and replaced. But if you practice with paper, then you don't have to waste any fabric. Use staples for stitches. They are easy to place and easy to remove. Just rip apart the paper and print a new worksheet if you need to start over. The only thing real that you will need is a zipper (or three).

Print at least three copies of the worksheet below: keep one copy uncut, for you to study; cut one copy along the marked lines, also for you to study; and cut one copy along the marked lines so that you can start practicing with your zipper.

The size or type of zipper doesn't matter. If it is too long or too short for the this worksheet, you can still use it. It doesn't even need to be a trouser zipper. If you have two open ends, then you can stitch on end shut. But it is nice if you can purchase three new trouser zippers of about 6 inches. You can practice more than once, and you can keep one or more completed examples to study later. After all, this skill is hard to learn and easy to forget. You might as well save a successful attempt that you know you were able to do for yourself. When you see it, you can pat yourself on the back.

Download this PDF to get started.

worksheet for practicing zipper sewing